"The ‘lipids’ in the mRNA injections are electronically charged synthetic molecules (not natural) and can host electromagnetic fields. They are electronic devices."

I'm just going to touch upon what I entered in response to your comment on Ana's post, and then move into what I think might need be modified about your quoted remark above -

'"Polymeric nanoparticles can be divided into two categories: natural polymeric nanoparticles and synthetic polymeric nanoparticles."

I think we have entered an era where the boundaries between 'bio.' and 'synthetic' as well as 'biology' vs 'chemistry' have been truly trammelled, such that we have to give up categorizing according to those labels, realizing that the madmen in lab coats have moved far along from those 'legacy' concepts. With no firm boundaries dividing 'living' and 'artificial' we are now displaced from many previous 'certainties.' And t think that supposing 'electrical' to be opposed to 'natural' would be an example of that.

Essentially, changes in PH guide our organic being in an 'electrical' exchange no less 'natural' for being so. When I looked into how this 'lipid nano particle tech came about I discovered some facts which can help shed light. The transcript of an interview done with Felger - the guy at the lead end of the work done in the 80s leading to Malone's lucky moment - reveals all -

"So we thought that since all of our cells are negatively charged, positively charged liposomes containing a drug would be like magnets and they would come together, and they wouldn't be distinct. The cells have to stay distinct. Our cells need to have a tendency to repel each other and then be brought together by more selective interactions. That's why I say that there had to have been a choice at some point in evolution to have either a negatively charged world or a positively charged world, and we have a negatively charged world. There's very few surfaces in biology that have a net positive charge."

What happened is that instead of what they expected, they got to a point where the positively charged cells would be fusing the cationic liposome to deliver a drug. Everything took off from there - including the work of Pieter Cullis, who was in San Diego at the same time, and went to work on what decades later would become the "lipid nanoparticle" delivery system that Biontech/Pfizer needed to make their poison reach the target! Where a 'biologist' and a 'chemist' got together in a San Diego lab became the new 'frontier' for advancing beyond the previous limitations of 'biology.'

We are going to have to pay attention to that moment - and what would follow - if we are ever going to get anywhere in fixing this mess.

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It is a very concerning situation & I battle with the entire family as I tried to explain the danger of these so called vaccines. They are all now refusing any more jabs but refuse to admit these vaccinations have intensively harmed anyone,

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no one in their right mind would agree to be injected with an electronic nanotechnology device.

How many people are in there right mind?

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IF true... yes, things will change... a LOT.


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